Untitled (Boy in Old Man’s Mask with Doll) by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (c. 1960)

The photograph titled “Untitled (Boy in Old Man’s Mask with Doll)” was created by artist Ralph Eugene Meatyard around 1960. It is a black-and-white image featuring a boy wearing an old man’s mask and holding a doll. He is seated on the leaf-covered ground, leaning against a dark, open space, reminiscent of a cellar or large opening, which adds a sense of eeriness or mystery to the scene. This stark, haunting image is composed with a strong contrast between the light on the boy and the enveloping darkness of the background, with organic elements like leaves enhancing the texture of the photograph. Meatyard is known for his surrealist, unsettling images that often feature masks and blur the lines between reality and fantasy, and this work is a clear example of his style.

Other Photographs from Ralph Eugene Meatyard

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