Un Coin du quai de la Tournelle, by Eugene Atget (1910-11)

The photograph titled “Un Coin du quai de la Tournelle” was created by the artist Eugene Atget in 1910-1911.

In the photograph, we see a quiet and seemingly desolate scene captured under an arch of a stone bridge. An old horse-drawn cart is parked by the stone wall of the bridge. The details of the cart, including its wheels and structure, are prominent due to its proximity to the camera. Beyond the arch, one can see the river, which has a calm current, and a row of trees along the opposite quay. There are several boats moored along the banks of the river, suggesting nearby human activity even though no people are visible in the frame. On the wall, there is a notice or sign, featuring text that is not fully legible in the image. The overall atmosphere of the photograph is one of quietude, with a focus on everyday objects and settings typical of Atget’s work, which aimed to document the urban landscape of Paris and its environs during his lifetime.

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