Tractor Factory, Stalingrad by Margaret Bourke-White (1930)

The photograph titled “Tractor Factory, Stalingrad” was taken by the artist Margaret Bourke-White in the year 1930. The image captures workers engaged in the manufacture or assembly of large tractor wheels within a factory setting. The photograph exudes a strong industrial vibe and reflects the era’s focus on industrialization and machinery. The workers appear concentrated and serious, indicative of the labor-intensive nature of the industry at that time.

In this black-and-white photograph, we see a series of large, imposing tractor wheels dominating the foreground. An individual worker is prominently positioned, leaning on one of the wheels, revealing a look of focus and perhaps exhaustion. His attire suggests manual labor—dark, work-worn clothing that seems practical for a factory setting. Behind him, more workers are partially visible, their faces showing similar expressions of attentiveness and determination. The background is blurred, emphasizing the primary subject’s interaction with the machinery and allowing us to infer the bustling, rugged environment of the Stalingrad tractor factory. The overall composition, lighting, and the workers’ expressions convey the intensity and industrial atmosphere of Soviet factories during this period.

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