The White Horse, New York by Andre Kertesz (1962)

“The White Horse, New York” is a photograph taken by artist Andre Kertesz in 1962. The black and white image features a high-angle view that captures distinct shadows and elements of urban life. At the center, a large shadow of a tree is cast onto a shiny surface below, possibly a wet street or a polished floor, around which the contours of the scene unfold. The viewpoint suggests it was taken from an elevated position, looking down. To the left, the corner of a building covered in ivy or other climbing plants anchors the image, while the edge of a corrugated surface, likely part of a rooftop, frames it at the bottom. A white horse statue can be seen at the lower left-hand corner, contrasting with the dark shadow of the tree and adding an unexpected element to the urban setting. The composition balances the natural shape of the tree with man-made structures and the addition of the statue, creating a layered and intriguing visual narrative.

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