Rue des Ursins by Andre Kertesz (1931)

The photograph titled “Rue des Ursins” was taken by Andre Kertesz in the year 1931. It is a black and white image that captures a street scene which appears to be from an upper perspective, looking down onto a curved cobblestone street. The photo shows the corner of a building with signage indicating “Rue des Ursins” and painted advertisements for wine (“VINS”). To the left is an adult with a child who seems to be situated on a tricycle with a dog close by. On the right side, an individual is seen entering a doorway, possibly a shop, with the reflection of a bicycle visible on the glass door. The composition showcases the architecture and daily life of the period with a focus on lines, shadows, and urban details that encourage the viewer to ponder the story behind this moment captured in early 20th-century Paris.

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