The Photographer’s Wife by Nadar (1890)

The photograph titled “The Photographer’s Wife” was captured by the artist Nadar in the year 1890. It presents a black and white image of a woman, presumably the photographer’s wife, with a thoughtful or contemplative expression. Her gaze is directed slightly off-camera, creating an engaging and somewhat introspective mood. She wears what appears to be a dark dress with lace or ruffled detailing at the collar, combined with a lighter inner garment or shawl that also possesses lace detailing. Her hair is pulled back and styled in a manner consistent with the fashion of the late 19th century. The lighting accentuates her facial features and gives depth to the photograph, which is characteristic of Nadar’s portrait style. The overall composition encapsulates a moment of intimacy and personal reflection.

Other Photographs from Nadar

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