The Long Walk, Windsor by Roger Fenton (1860)

“The Long Walk, Windsor” is an historical photograph taken by Roger Fenton in the year 1860. The photograph is a black and white image that shows a expansive tree-lined path leading into the distance. This broad avenue is bordered by large, mature trees on either side, creating a striking natural corridor. The vista is unobstructed, leading the eye towards a vanishing point in the far background. The composition is anchored by a small human figure, appearing to be walking down the path, which provides a sense of scale to the wide open space. The sky is not visible in the photograph, with the horizon being the boundary where the trees meet the distant background. It’s an image that conveys a sense of tranquility, symmetry, and depth, typical of the picturesque landscapes captured in the mid-nineteenth century.

Other Photographs from Roger Fenton

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