Lichfield Cathedral: Portal of the South Transept by Roger Fenton (1858)

The photograph titled “Lichfield Cathedral: Portal of the South Transept” was taken by Roger Fenton in 1858. It captures the intricate architectural details of a portal at Lichfield Cathedral, which is evident from the gothic features like pointed arches and ornate carvings.

In this black and white photograph, we see a set of stone stairs leading up to a grand, arched entrance. The archway is finely decorated with intricate patterns and sculptures, indicative of Gothic architecture. The multiple recessed arches create a sense of depth, and the columns between them feature slender shafts that rise to meet the ornate archivolts above. The stonework is dark and weathered, suggesting the age and history of the cathedral. The image is framed to focus on the symmetry and grandeur of the entrance, with the elaborate stonework dominating the composition. The absence of color, typical of photography from that era, emphasizes the play of light and shadow, which further highlights the textures and reliefs of the stone carvings.

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