External walls of the Kremlin, Moscow by Roger Fenton (1852)

The photograph titled “External walls of the Kremlin, Moscow” was captured by the artist Roger Fenton in the year 1852. The monochrome image provides a historical view of the Kremlin’s formidable walls and towers, which have served as the heart of Russian political power for centuries.

In the photograph, the structure and texture of the Kremlin walls are visible, showing the formidable battlements that have protected the city for many generations. The visible towers have their characteristic Russian architecture, with pointed spires and dark roofing contrasting against the lighter walls. The brickwork and defensive features, like the battlements and watchtowers, speak of the historical military significance of the Kremlin. The angle of the photograph suggests it was taken from an elevated position, giving a commanding view of the defenses and the surrounding area. The lack of vegetation or modern development indicates the historical context of the image, and the empty skies and absence of people give it a timeless, serene quality. The photograph is an interesting historical document, giving insight into the architectural and defensive design of the period.

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