Still life with Statue by Roger Fenton (1860)

The photograph titled “Still life with Statue” was captured by the artist Roger Fenton in the year 1860. It is a black and white image that consists of an arrangement of various objects. On the left, there is a large pumpkin, next to which stands a small sculpture of a nude figure, possibly a classical statue. Beside it, there is a goblet or a drinking vessel. In the center, there is a profusion of grapes placed in a basket, surrounded by an assortment of flowers, which seem to be carefully arranged to create a sense of abundance and visual interest. On the right side, there is another statue, but it represents a cherubic figure rather than a classical form. The figures and the still life objects are set on a patterned surface, and a piece of intricately laced fabric drapes across the lower right corner of the composition. The backdrop is simple and somewhat ornate, allowing the focus to remain on the detailed arrangement in the foreground.

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