Still life by Roger Fenton (1860)

The photograph named “Still Life” was taken by the artist Roger Fenton in the year 1860. It captures a classic still life composition, reminiscent of the traditional paintings in the same genre.

In the image, an assortment of fruits and flowers is arranged in a seemingly casual yet composed manner. The collection includes grapes, peaches, and a large pineapple that takes a prominent position in the assembly. The fruits are complemented by light-colored flowers, possibly lilies, adding a softer texture against the fruit’s smooth and dotted surfaces. The objects rest on a drapery with a pronounced stripe pattern, which provides a contrasting backdrop to the organic shapes of the fruits and flowers. The photograph is monochromatic, reflecting the technology of the time, so all the rich textures and shading are presented in various shades of gray, emphasizing form and light rather than color.

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