Square du Vert-Galant by Robert Doisneau (1950)

The photograph “Square du Vert-Galant” was taken by Robert Doisneau in the year 1950. It is a black and white image capturing a moment of everyday life.

The photograph depicts a quaint urban park scene. A man in a trench-coat and hat appears to be conversing or perhaps offering advice to a woman who is seated on a park bench. The woman is turned towards the man, her body language suggests that she is attentive to the conversation. Beside the woman, on the ground, there appears to be a small child’s scooter, indicating that a child may be nearby. Indeed, to the left of the photo is a young child, standing up on a park bench, with a somewhat detached expression, possibly observing the surroundings or waiting for the adult conversation to conclude. In the background, another child is bent over the back of another park bench, possibly engaged in play. Behind them, the city architecture and bare trees line the background, complementing the scene of a chilly day in an urban park setting.

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