Shop, avenue des Gobelins by Eugene Atget (1925)

The photograph “Shop, avenue des Gobelins” was taken by Eugene Atget in 1925. The image presents a display window belonging to a men’s clothing store. In the photograph, you can see a collection of male mannequins dressed in suits, each with a price tag attached. Three mannequins are clearly visible, arranged in a row, giving off an impression of silent salesmen awaiting potential customers. The suits appear to be of different styles, neatly presented against the backdrop of the shop’s interior. Reflected in the glass of the display window, one can also see the street and buildings opposite the store, blending the inside and outside worlds in a ghostly overlay. The play of reflections adds a layer of complexity to the image, characteristic of Atget’s work, highlighting both the tangible merchandise and the transient nature of the bustling street life outside.

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