Self-Portrait, by Lee Friedlander

The photograph titled “Self-Portrait” by Lee Friedlander was taken in Haverstraw, New York. This image is a monochrome photograph that shows a man situated behind the steering wheel of a car, viewed through the windshield from outside. The photograph is characterized by its straightforward, documentary-style perspective, and it captures the reflection of a suburban landscape in the rearview mirror, which contrasts with the interior detail of the car’s windshield, steering wheel, and dashboard.

In the photograph, the man leans forward slightly, gripping the steering wheel with both hands. He appears intently focused, as if he is either driving or anticipating driving. His expression is concentrated and perhaps slightly serious. The angle creates a layered composition, framing the driver’s face within the upper half of the steering wheel with the car’s interior in the foreground and elements of a suburban environment visible through the rear window. The photograph plays with perspective and reflection, adding depth to the image and inviting the viewer to piece together the scene presented.

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