Richard Benson, by Lee Friedlander

The photograph titled “Richard Benson,” taken by artist Lee Friedlander in Newport, Rhode Island, captures a candid moment of a man, presumably Richard Benson, sitting at a table. The image is in black and white, and the subject is viewed in a domestic setting, judging by the homey details like the kitchen cabinets, a wall clock, and a window with curtains in the background. The man is dressed in a casual white T-shirt and seems to be engaged in examining his hands closely, with a slight smile on his face, conveying a sense of casual introspection or perhaps admiration of some detail on his hand.

To summarize, this black and white photograph, shot by Lee Friedlander, features a moment with Richard Benson in a homely indoor setting in Newport, Rhode Island. The subject is seated at a table, immersed in the scrutiny of his own hands, within a kitchen environment that evokes a feeling of everyday domestic life.

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