Refugees in the Korem camp by Sebastiao Salgado (1984)

The photograph titled “Refugees in the Korem camp” was captured by artist Sebastiao Salgado in Ethiopia in the year 1984. It provides a powerful visual testimony of human suffering and resilience during a time of crisis.

In the black and white image, we observe a bleak landscape under a seemingly overcast sky. In the foreground, there’s a child wrapped in a blanket, with a desolate expression, possibly indicative of exhaustion or malaise. His eyes are half-closed, and his posture is slumped. Behind him stand three figures, each also draped in blankets, shielding themselves against the elements. Their faces are partially obscured, though the closest adult’s eyes are visible, emanating a haunting gaze directly towards the viewer. The barren background features a vast expanse of land stretching toward mountains silhouetted in the distance, emphasizing the isolation and desolation of the environment in which these individuals find themselves. The overall composition, along with the somber expressions and harsh landscape, evoke a palpable sense of displacement and hardship experienced by refugees enduring difficult circumstances.

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