Wearing sheepskin to protect from cold and humidity by Sebastiao Salgado (1982)

The photograph titled “Wearing sheepskin to protect from cold and humidity” was taken by the artist Sebastiao Salgado in Ecuador, in the year 1982. It captures the practical use of sheepskin by locals to shield themselves from the harsh climate.

In this black and white image, the central figure is clad in a heavy, textured sheepskin with the fleece side out, covering his head and body to guard against the cold and moisture. His expression is one of calmness or contemplation, and his eyes are almost closed, as if he’s savoring a moment of rest or repose. Above him, looking down, are three individuals also wearing hats traditional to the region, suggesting a cultural context and perhaps a sense of community or family. The angle of the shot, taken from below, gives a powerful emphasis to the figures and conveys a sense of their presence and resilience in a challenging environment.

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