Ragpicker by Eugene Atget (1899-1900)

The photograph “Ragpicker” was captured by the artist Eugene Atget between 1899 and 1900. It depicts a ragpicker, a person who collects reusable or recyclable materials, in the foreground. This individual is standing beside a cart piled high with sacks that likely contain gathered materials. The scene is set on what appears to be a city street, with buildings lining the background and the faint outline of another cart or vehicle in the back right.

The ragpicker is donning a hat and a suit that look worn, reflecting the demanding nature of his occupation. His pose suggests a moment of rest or pausing for the photograph, as he stands slightly hunched with one hand on the large cart, and he is looking directly at the camera. The sunlight illuminates the scene, casting shadows and emphasizing the textures of the sacks and the cobblestone street, which adds a natural depth to the image. The photograph is monochromatic, typical for its period, and captures a candid, everyday moment from the turn of the 20th century.

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