Pittsburgh, PA by Lee Friedlander

The photograph titled “Pittsburgh, PA” is taken by artist Lee Friedlander and is Plate 2 from his work “Factory Valleys.” It captures an industrial landscape during what appears to be the winter season, marked by snow-covered ground.

The photo provides a black-and-white view of Pittsburgh that juxtaposes the natural and the industrial environment. In the foreground, there is a snowy incline with leafless trees that dominate the frame, one large tree in particular with its branches forked prominently into the sky. Behind this natural, wintry depression, there are multiple buildings varying in design and size. In the background, along the horizon, industrial structures with towering smokestacks can be seen, and it looks like there might be emissions dissipating into the overcast sky. It suggests an urban scene where nature and industrial development coexist, with the atmosphere appearing somewhat bleak and gray, indicative of the winter season and industrial activity in the area.

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