PeeWee Marquette and Count Basie, by Lee Friedlander

The photograph “PeeWee Marquette and Count Basie,” taken by Lee Friedlander, captures a moment between the two individuals in New York City.

In the black and white image, two men are featured. The man on the right appears to be standing behind what looks like a music stand or perhaps a sound mixer, and he is wearing a large overcoat, a hat, and a suit underneath. His eyes are closed, and he has a neutral expression. To his right, slightly behind him and looking in the same direction with a thoughtful stare, is a smaller-statured man wearing a tuxedo with tails, a white bowtie, and a wide, bright smile. The setting seems to be indoors with a dark backdrop, giving the impression of a performance venue. Their attire and the musical equipment suggest a connection to the jazz or big-band music scene of the era.

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