Neale and Margaret Albert by Lee Friedlander

The photograph titled “Neale and Margaret Albert” was taken by artist Lee Friedlander in New York City in 1981.

In the photograph, a man and a woman are seated closely together on a piece of furniture that seems to be a bench or a couch. The setting appears to be a domestic interior, possibly a living or dining room, judging by the presence of a sideboard with decorative silver teapots and framed pictures hanging on the wall. The man is wearing glasses and a plaid, collared shirt. He is looking sideward at the woman with a slight smile. The woman is wearing a knit top and is resting her head back on the man’s shoulder, looking up at him with an affectionate expression. Both appear to be middle-aged and share a comfortable familiarity with each other. The lighting is even across the scene, suggesting an indoor source or soft natural light, and the black and white quality of the image gives it a timeless, classic feel.

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