Maurice Thorez’s Funeral by William Klein (1964)

The photograph “Maurice Thorez’s Funeral” was captured by the artist William Klein in Paris, 1964. It’s a black and white image that depicts a group of people, likely attendees of Maurice Thorez’s funeral, with various expressions.

In the photograph, there are multiple individuals forming what appears to be a crowd. The foreground is dominated by an older woman whose expression seems somber, her eyes slightly downcast. She is wearing a dark blouse with a floral pattern. Behind her to the left is a younger woman looking off to the side, wearing a sleeveless dress with a light pattern, her hair styled in a manner typical of the 1960s and a look of concern or contemplation on her face. To the right of the older woman is another woman wearing a light-colored blouse with a noticeable collar, looking straight ahead with a reserved expression. In the background, various other individuals can be seen, including a man in the far back who appears to be wearing glasses and has a mustache, and he is looking directly at the camera. The background elements are not as sharply in focus, directing the viewer’s attention mainly to the individuals in the foreground.

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