Marchand abat-jours by Eugene Atget (1899-1900)

The photograph titled “Marchand abat-jours” is a work by Eugene Atget, created in the period of 1899-1900. Eugene Atget is known for his documentation of the streets and various facets of Parisian life during his time.

The image depicts a man standing on a cobbled street, likely taken in Paris, given Atget’s known body of work. The man appears to be a street vendor, with a basket on his back filled with what seem to be goods for sale. He is holding several lampshades, which is suggested by the term “abat-jours” in the photograph’s title, translating to “lampshades” in English. The man is dressed in a style typical of the period, wearing a hat and a mustache. The surrounding area shows residential buildings and another figure in the background, further setting the scene of a quiet street scene. The photograph captures a glimpse into the life of a working individual at the turn of the 20th century in Paris, emphasizing the historical and social context of the era.

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