Man from Papantla by Manuel Alvarez Bravo (1934)

The photograph titled “Man from Papantla” was captured by the artist Manuel Alvarez Bravo in the year 1934. It depicts a man standing against a textured wall that casts a mottled shadow over him. The man is barefoot and wears a traditional white outfit consisting of pants and a long-sleeve shirt, which is loose and appears light, suitable for a warm climate. He holds a sombrero in one hand and a carry bag in the other, suggesting he may be a worker or traveler. His expression is solemn and his gaze is directed towards the viewer, conveying a sense of stillness and poise. The use of black and white photography accentuates the contrast between the man’s attire, the shadow on the wall, and his sunlit skin, creating a rich interplay of light and texture.

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