Fire Workers by Manuel Alvarez Bravo (1935)

“Fire Workers” is a photograph captured by Manuel Alvarez Bravo in 1935. The image depicts two individuals dressed in what appears to be protective gear, resembling suits worn by firefighters or workers dealing with hazardous materials. Both figures are entirely covered, with hoods and face shields that obscure their features, standing against a plain wall which provides a stark and gritty background. The suits are detailed with pockets, buttons, and belts, lending the photograph a textural richness. The workers stand side by side, with one seemingly holding an object in his right hand, adding to the mysterious and potentially narrative quality of the photograph. Manuel Alvarez Bravo’s work generally conveys a strong sense of Mexican identity and culture, often capturing moments that are both surreal and grounded in the social realities of his time.

Other Photographs from Manuel Alvarez Bravo

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