LBC and her P.O. brother LBC by Ralph Eugene Meatyard

This photograph titled “LBC and her P.O. brother LBC” was created by the artist Ralph Eugene Meatyard. It is part of “The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater” series, which presents its subjects with obscured or distorted faces, often using masks. In the photograph, you can see two people sitting in front of an older model car, with each person wearing a mask. The person on the left appears to be an adult male wearing a light-colored shirt and pants, while the person on the right seems to be an adult female with a dress and her hair tied up, also sporting a mask. They are both sitting on the ground, with their body language suggesting a casual and relaxed pose. The setting appears to be outdoors in a grassy area, possibly a yard or park, during daylight with shadows indicating the presence of trees out of frame.

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