King Curtis by Lee Friedlander

The photograph titled “King Curtis” is a work by artist Lee Friedlander, captured in New York City in 1970. Lee Friedlander is known for his influential photography during the 20th century, often highlighting the social landscape of American life.

In the photograph, we see a person lounging on a couch dressed in patterned attire that drapes comfortably over the form. This person’s head rests on a cushion, turned toward the camera in a relaxed pose. The composition includes a metallic statue of a classical figure holding a lamp, positioned next to the individual on the couch. A coffee table is visible with a small figurine and what appears to be a bowl on it, all against a neutral background that includes the wall and the draped curtain, which adds contrast and texture to the scene. The photograph is rich in details that capture an intimate moment while also showcasing elements of interior design and personal style.

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