Ken Clark by Lee Friedlander (1967)

The photograph titled “Ken Clark” was taken by the artist Lee Friedlander and is associated with Alaska. However, the given year is not specified accurately as “Photograph Year: Alaska” seems to be a confusion between the location and the date of the photograph.

In the black and white photograph, a man appears to be in the act of hammering a large wooden beam that is part of a log structure. He is caught in mid-swing with the hammer raised above his shoulder, giving a sense of movement and work in progress. The man is dressed in casual attire with a checked shirt, suspenders, and pants, reflecting a practical, labor-intensive setting. Behind him, there is a serene backdrop featuring a calm body of water and a partially visible fence line, suggesting a rural or remote environment, possibly in Alaska. The photograph has a candid, documentary-style feel, typical of Friedlander’s approach to capturing every day, unposed scenes and subjects.

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