Johnstown, PA by Lee Friedlander

The photograph titled “Johnstown, PA” is an artwork by Lee Friedlander, appearing as Plate 25 in his collection “Factory Valleys.” This image captures a scene in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, combining elements of industrial landscape with a focus on a prominent statue.

The photograph shows a black and white image of an outdoor scene dominated by a life-sized statue of a man in military attire, possibly a soldier or a veteran, standing at ease with his hands resting on the hilt of a sword. The statue is centrally positioned and stands on a pedestal within a small fenced area that appears to be well-maintained with manicured grass and a circular floral arrangement around the base.

Behind the statue, the background consists of a mix of residential and commercial buildings, with a series of tall smokestacks rising in the distance, suggesting the presence of an industrial facility or factory. The sky is overcast, creating a moody atmosphere, and several vehicles parked along the street hint at the everyday life of the town. The juxtaposition of the commemorative statue with the industrial backdrop provides a narrative about the town, its history, and its character.

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