Horn & Hardart, Lexington Avenue by William Klein (1954-55)

The photograph titled “Horn & Hardart, Lexington Avenue” was captured by artist William Klein in the years 1954-55. This black and white image depicts a busy street scene focused on the entrance of the Horn & Hardart establishment at 451 Lexington Avenue. The photo showcases a blend of sharp and blurred figures, indicating movement and the bustling nature of the location. In the foreground, partial profiles of people are visible, their faces obscured by motion or positioning, giving the viewer a sense of being in the midst of the activity. The centerpiece of the photograph is the Horn & Hardart location with its glowing signage above the doorway, where several individuals are seen entering or exiting the building, contributing to a dynamic urban tableau. The lighting and contrast add depth and drama to the scene, capturing a moment of everyday life with a striking, candid quality.

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