Gourma-Rharous by Sebastiao Salgado (1985)

The photograph named “Gourma-Rharous” is a work of the artist SebastiĆ£o Salgado from the year 1985, taken in Mali. The image is in black and white and displays a deeply expressive scene featuring an individual.

In the photograph, you can observe what appears to be an elderly person, with their face cradled in their hands. Their eyes are closed, and their expression is one of exhaustion or deep thought. The person is enshrouded in what seems to be a traditional, lightweight cloth or shawl, which adds to the overall dramatic and poignant feel of the image. The intricate lines on the person’s face are indicative of advanced age and convey a sense of wisdom as well as hardship. The lighting accentuates the textures and contours of both the cloth and the person’s features, creating a powerful visual narrative that speaks to life’s experiences.

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