Georges Braque a Varengeville by Robert Doisneau (1953)

The photograph “Georges Braque a Varengeville” was taken by Robert Doisneau in Normandy, 1953. It features the artist Georges Braque standing in the doorway of a building.

In this black and white image, Braque is depicted as an elderly gentleman, peering out from a partially opened door. He is wearing a blazer over a sweater and trousers, adopting a somewhat informal yet composed pose, with both hands resting on the top half of the Dutch door. To his right, there’s a brick wall with a simple, straight-lined lantern affixed above him, accentuating the traditional and rustic architecture of the setting.

Directly next to the doorway, a classic, hooked-handle umbrella is resting against the wall on a wooden bench, suggesting a readiness for changeable weather. The doorstep is adorned with a plain, well-used doormat, further emphasizing the authenticity and lived-in character of the place. The composition and elements within the frame hint at the simplicity and tranquility of the setting, possibly reflecting the personal space of the artist himself.

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