Flatiron Building by Alfred Stieglitz (1903)

The photograph titled “Flatiron Building” was taken by the artist Alfred Stieglitz in the year 1903. The image captures the iconic Flatiron Building, one of the most distinctive and famous skyscrapers in New York City, recognized for its unique triangular shape which resembles a clothes iron.

In the photograph, the Flatiron Building is the central figure, looming over the surroundings with its massive, stately presence. The perspective is such that the building dominates the view, emphasizing its soaring height and distinctive architecture. The image is taken from street level, slightly to one side, allowing the viewer to appreciate the sharp angle of the building’s “prow.”

The photograph captures the essence of a snowy day, with trees stripped of their leaves, indicating the season is likely winter. Snow blankets the ground, and the leafless trees in the foreground add to the sense of cold and the starkness of the urban landscape. The snowy condition lends the scene an atmospheric quality with a bit of a haze, which contributes to the photograph’s sense of depth and scale. The benches lining the walkway and the intricate details of the building’s facade are visible despite the weather, highlighting Stieglitz’s skill in balancing contrast and detail within the composition.

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