Self-portrait by Alfred Stieglitz (1907)

The photograph titled “Self-portrait” was taken by the artist Alfred Stieglitz in 1907. It is an early 20th-century self-portrait of Stieglitz, capturing his likeness with the photographic techniques of the time.

The photo depicts a man with a serious expression, looking squarely at the viewer. The focus of the image is the man’s face, framed by shoulder-length hair and a full mustache. His features appear sharp, and you can see that he is wearing round glasses. The lighting in the photograph is soft, creating a sense of depth and emphasizing the contours of his face. The tonality of the image is quite dark, with the background fading into shadow, which brings attention to his face and upper torso. The overall mood of the portrait is introspective and solemn, which is typical for self-portraiture of this era as it illustrates a contemplative moment captured by the artist himself.

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