“Fete Foraine”, Paris by Andre Kertesz (1931)

The photograph titled “Fete Foraine” was captured by the artist Andre Kertesz in the year 1931 in Paris. This black and white image features a scene from what appears to be a street performance or a fair. In the foreground, a crowd of spectators, mostly wearing hats, is gathered to watch the performance. Their attention is directed towards the center of the photo, where an acrobat is performing a handstand on top of a ladder. The ladder is not extended to its full length, suggesting that the acrobat’s act is one of balance rather than a display of height. Behind the acrobat is a leafless tree, which contrasts with the vertical lines of the ladder. In the background, a person is standing on an overpass, observing the scene from a distance. The backdrop features dark tones, possibly walls or a large billboard, with the text “SNAP” partially visible, hinting at the commercial environment within which this lively scene is taking place.

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