Fête du Trone de Geant by Eugene Atget (1925)

The photograph titled “Fête du Trone de Geant” was captured by the artist Eugene Atget in the year 1925. This black-and-white photo depicts an assortment of objects which appear to be arranged in a display. The composition consists of framed images and what seems to be a decorative piece of furniture, possibly placed within a storefront or exhibition space. Central to the display is a large, ornately decorated chair or throne-like object, which the title suggests is associated with a festivity or celebration. Surrounding the chair are several framed portraits and photographs, which are hung against a dark background. The arrangement has an orderly, yet eclectic look, possibly showcasing items for sale or part of a collection. A light bulb hangs from above, casting light on the objects below. Shadows are visible against the back wall, suggesting an indoor setting with a single light source. There’s a seeming curtain to the left side of the composition, partially drawn, adding to the intimate feel of the arrangement.

Atget was renowned for documenting old Paris, and this image likely reflects a moment of Parisian cultural history or an aspect of an event such as a fair or market, as hinted by the title and the display style.

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