Equivalent by Alfred Stieglitz (1930)

The photograph titled “Equivalent” was created by artist Alfred Stieglitz in 1930. It is part of a series where Stieglitz focused on capturing the skies with clouds, aiming to express his own emotions and ideas through the formations and movements of the clouds.

This particular image presents a dynamic and complex formation of clouds in the sky. It’s a black and white photo displaying a variety of textures and contrasts, with lighter areas of clouds almost glowing against the darker background of the sky. There’s a sense of fluidity and movement in the arrangement of the clouds, and through its abstract nature, it invites various interpretations by viewers. The lower right corner includes what appears to be a sliver of a darker silhouette, possibly the top of a tree or another object on the horizon, providing a sense of scale and grounding the image slightly by contrasting the ethereal clouds against a terrestrial anchor point.

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