East End girl, doing the Lambeth Walk by Bill Brandt (c. 1936)

The photograph titled “East End girl, doing the Lambeth Walk” was taken by artist Bill Brandt around 1936. It depicts a joyful scene set on a street, likely in the East End of London, showing a group of young people engaged in a dance called the Lambeth Walk, which was popular at the time.

In the image, a girl appears to be in mid-stride or dance step, prominently positioned in the foreground, while smiling broadly. She is wearing a checkered dress with her hair styled in curls, and her right leg is lifted, suggesting a playful or spirited motion. Behind her, a group of children, both boys and girls, are visible, some looking at the camera and others at the girl dancing. Their expressions range from happy and amused to slightly more reserved. The setting is an urban street scene with modest row houses in the background, and the atmosphere captures a candid moment of everyday life. The photograph is in black and white, which enhances the historical context of the scene from the 1930s.

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