Dylan Thomas by Bill Brandt (1941)

The photograph titled “Dylan Thomas” is a work by artist Bill Brandt from the year 1941. In this black and white photo, a man is captured seated at a table, appearing reflective or perhaps introspective. The setting seems to be a pub or bar, given the presence of beverages on the table in front of him, and the d├ęcor suggests a mid-20th-century time frame. The man, presumed to be Dylan Thomas, wears a houndstooth-patterned jacket, and his hair is somewhat disheveled. His gaze is directed to the side, not at the camera, adding to the candid and contemplative mood of the image. Background posters and signage advertise alcoholic beverages, which reinforces the pub setting. The photograph has a gritty, textural quality characteristic of mid-20th-century photography and documentary work from that era.

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