Diversion Tunnels, Fort Peck Dam by Margaret Bourke-White (1936)

The photograph “Diversion Tunnels, Fort Peck Dam” was taken by Margaret Bourke-White in 1936. It depicts a row of massive cylindrical structures that are part of the Fort Peck Dam construction project. Each cylinder has a radial pattern, resembling spokes on a wheel, created by structural supports on the inside of the tunnels. You can see people standing near and between the tunnels, providing a sense of scale that highlights the enormity of the tunnels. The perspective in which the photo was taken makes the tunnels appear to decrease in size as they recede into the distance, giving the image a strong sense of depth. The photograph is black and white, emphasizing the contrast between the light sky, the dark openings of the tunnels, and the textures of the structures’ surfaces.

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