Derrick Cross by Robert Mapplethorpe (1982)

The photograph titled “Derrick Cross” is a work by artist Robert Mapplethorpe, captured in the year 1982. It is part of the body of work for which Mapplethorpe is well-known, often featuring the human form in a striking, often monochromatic palette.

In the photograph, we see a close-up of the lower half of a person’s body from behind, highlighting the curves and muscles of the buttocks and thighs. The lighting casts shadows that accentuate the form, texture, and contours of the body, displaying a strong interplay between light and shadow that emphasizes the subject’s physique. The background is neutral and uniform, ensuring that the focus remains on the subject of the photograph. The image captures an intimate detail of the human form, exemplified by Mapplethorpe’s skill in contrasting texture and the subtleties of the human body.

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