Louise Bourgeois by Robert Mapplethorpe (1982)

The photograph titled “Louise Bourgeois” is a work by artist Robert Mapplethorpe from the year 1982. The image is a black and white portrait featuring the artist Louise Bourgeois. In the photograph, Bourgeois is shown with a broad, genuine smile on her face, giving her a friendly and warm demeanor. She appears to wear a dark, feathery or furry garment, which adds a rich textural contrast to the composition. Additionally, she is holding a large, rounded sculpture, which appears to be one of her own works, given her identity as an artist known for her sculptures. The piece she holds has a phallic shape with spheres at the end. The pose and the inclusion of her artwork add layers to the portrait, suggesting her strong connection to her art. The photograph captures a sense of her personality, her creative spirit, and her proud association with her artistic creations.

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