Coin de la Rue Valette et Pantheon by Eugene Atget (1925)

The photograph “Coin de la Rue Valette et Pantheon” was created by the artist Eugene Atget in 1925. It depicts a street scene in Paris, where the Rue Valette meets the imposing structure of the Panthéon. The mood is quiet and somewhat desolate, as no people are seen in the frame. The image is characterized by the cobblestone street in the foreground, which leads the viewer’s eye toward the grand edifice partially shrouded in a mist or haze. The weathered facades of the surrounding buildings suggest a sense of age and history. The composition includes contrasting textures between the smooth dome of the Panthéon and the rough surfaces of the city buildings. The photograph captures a moment of stillness in the bustling city, perhaps in the early morning or on a quiet day, providing a glimpse into the Paris of the past.

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