By the railings around the Luxembourg Gardens by Robert Doisneau (1953)

The photograph “By the railings around the Luxembourg Gardens” was taken by artist Robert Doisneau in the year 1953. It depicts a candid moment on a street scene, which appears to be outside the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.

The photograph is a black and white image capturing an intimate moment between two people who seem to be sharing a kiss while standing at a newsstand. The man is wearing a suit and a wide-brimmed hat and is leaning down towards the woman, who is dressed in a coat and is holding newspapers. The newsstand is sheltered by an umbrella, implying it might be a rainy or sunny day.

In the background, there’s an older gentleman to the left observing the couple, and there appears to be a series of illustrations or possibly cartoon drawings posted on a wall behind the main subjects. The overall atmosphere is one of everyday Parisian life, captured with a sense of romance and nostalgia common to Doisneau’s work.

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