Bread Store, 259 Bleecker Street by Berenice Abbott (c. 1935-39)

The photograph “Bread Store, 259 Bleecker Street” was captured by artist Berenice Abbott around the years 1935 to 1939. It depicts the storefront of a bakery, with the name “A. Zito Bakery” visible on a sign hanging inside the display window. The window showcases a variety of bread and baked goods, with signs advertising a price of 5 cents. A person is visible through a cutout in one of the signs, peering out of the shop window, giving the image a human touch. The scene includes open shutters leading to the basement, with a wicker basket placed near these basement doors, contributing to the street-level retail atmosphere typical of the era. The storefront is framed with tiled walls, and the word “SANITARY,” probably emphasizing the cleanliness of the bakery, is displayed at the top of the window. The captured details reflect a moment in the urban life of the time and are indicative of Abbott’s work during the Federal Art Project period, where she documented urban architecture and street scenes.

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