Arlene and Alan Distler by Lee Friedlander

The photograph titled “Arlene and Alan Distler” by the artist Lee Friedlander depicts two individuals seated beside each other. There’s a strong sense of candidness captured in this image, with the individuals appearing relaxed and unposed. The female figure on the left gazes directly at the camera with a somewhat surprised or questioning expression, her mouth slightly open as if caught mid-sentence. The male figure on the right looks off to the side, appearing contemplative or distracted, with his arm resting along the back of the couch. A notable visual element is the presence of bold geometric shadows cast across the wall and on the sofa, adding contrast and depth to the scene.

Regarding the given information, there seems to be a typo or mistake in the “Photograph Year,” as it is stated as “New Charity, New York,” which does not denote a year. It is possible that “New Charity, New York” refers to the photograph’s location rather than the year it was taken.

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