Ambassade d’Autriche, 57 rue de Varenne by Eugene Atget (1905)

This photograph, titled “Ambassade d’Autriche, 57 rue de Varenne,” was captured by the artist Eugene Atget in the year 1905. The image depicts an opulent room that appears to be from an embassy or a similarly grand residence.

In the photograph, we see an elaborately decorated room with a classic 19th-century or possibly earlier French interior design. The central feature is a large, decorative fireplace mantel carved from a dark material, possibly wood or marble, which frames a mirrored surface. The mantel is adorned with intricate designs, including what appear to be sculpted figures, floral motifs, and a central ornamental clock surrounded by what might be candle stands or vases.

To the left of the fireplace is an armchair upholstered in a patterned fabric, which complements the similarly draped and festooned bed in the background that reflects in the mirror. The flooring is covered by an ornate rug with a complex design that adds to the richness of the room. The walls are decorated with elaborate moldings and a tapestry, enhancing the sense of luxury and historical depth in the room.

The photograph’s composition captures the symmetry and grandeur typical of the period’s interior design, with an emphasis on wealth and attention to detail evident in every aspect of the room’s decoration. The image provides insight into the affluent lifestyle and aesthetic preferences of the era in which it was taken.

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