Akron, OH by Lee Friedlander

The photograph titled “Akron, OH” is the work of artist Lee Friedlander, captured as part of his series “Factory Valleys.” It is specifically identified as plate 13 from this series.

The black-and-white photograph depicts an urban landscape likely taken from an elevated perspective or overpass. The foreground features two bare trees, with their branches reaching out towards the edges of the frame. Between the trees, we see a multi-level roadway system with a section running under a bridge, while another bends to the right, leading away from the viewer’s standpoint. There are several light poles lining the roads. The roads appear wet, reflective, and there’s snow on the ground beside the roads, suggesting a cold, possibly winter season. The sky is cloudy with some breaks allowing light to shine through, casting soft shadows on the landscape. The area appears deserted with no visible human activity, except for a lone vehicle on the left, emphasizing the stark industrial ambiance of the scene.

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