Robert Adams – Photos and Artwork

About Robert Adams

Robert Adams is a prolific American photographer whose work gained recognition in the mid-1970s with his book The New West (1974) and his participation in the exhibition New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape in 1975. He has published over fifty books of pictures documenting the changing landscape of the American West.

Adams’ work depicts both the extent and limits of humanity’s impact on the environment. His photographs face facts but also provide a basis for hope, attempting to achieve alchemy amidst decay. One can see this theme throughout much of Adams’ photography, which often treads between social commentary and quiet observation.

Adams has been an inspiration to many artists, and as such, it’s not surprising that his works are part of museum collections around the world; including National Gallery of Art, where American Silence: The Photographs of Robert Adams was recently exhibited at its West Building. This extensive collection offers a comprehensive insight into Adams’ body of work that captures profound lessons showcasing society’s impact on nature and wildlife.

Photographs from Robert Adams

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