Remains of old growth forest, Washington by Robert Adams (1990)

The photograph titled “Remains of old growth forest, Washington” was created by artist Robert Adams in 1990. The image showcases remnants of a once expansive old growth forest in Washington, uncovering the poignant aftereffects of deforestation or natural decline.

In the photograph, there is a large tree stump that is prominently featured in the center. The stump stands as a stark reminder of what once was, with its considerable size indicating that the tree must have been quite old and majestic before it was cut down. There are smaller trees and vegetation surrounding the stump, but they do not match the grandeur or height of the missing ancient tree. The canopy overhead is somewhat sparse, suggesting that the entire area may have been subject to similar felling, with only a few trees left to reach toward the sky. The terrain appears uneven with grass and small plants dotting the open area around the stump. There is a sense of quiet desolation in the scene, a moment frozen in time that speaks to the history and change within this landscape.

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